Investigative Interviewing Courses

Intersol Global

KPS & Associates in conjunction with our training partners Intersol Global delivers a range of introductory, intermediate, and advanced investigative interviewing courses. KPS is uniquely placed to deliver the highest quality investigative interview training in Australia due to our strategic partnership with Intersol Global and their network of world renowned investigative interviewing experts.

Introduction to Investigative Interviewing 2 day workshop

Investigative interviewing is an essential aspect of the investigative process. This workshop is an introductory workshop and will give delegates an understanding of investigative interviewing techniques. This course is ideal for investigators new to Investigative Interviewing. The two day workshop is delivered using two different methods.

For investigators and enforcement officers the workshop is run in small groups comprising theory and group work related to the PEACE framework of investigative interviewing. This is followed by a one day practical, in which each learner delivers a video recorded assessed interview.

For auditors and other non-investigative roles the workshop is delivered to larger groups where each component of the PEACE framework of investigative interviewing is examined in detail and reinforced using tabletop exercises to embed the learning.

2 day program content

  • The principles of investigative interviewing
  • The PEACE framework of interviewing and its use in investigative interviews
  • The impact of legislation, policies, procedures and guidelines in relation to information and evidence gathering activities
  • Legislative obligations and their relationship to investigative interviews
  • The roles, responsibilities and characteristics of an investigative interviewer
  • The purpose, use, methods and techniques of cognitive interviewing
  • The conversation management model of interviewing
  • Evidence gathering methods including questioning techniques to collect ‘admissible’ evidence.
  • Ethical questioning techniques
  • The difference between information and evidence
  • Planning and preparing to conduct an investigative interview
  • Nonverbal behaviour in engaging with the interviewee
  • How memory works
  • Strategies to maximise the differences between liars and truth tellers
  • Responding to challenging and unacceptable behaviour

Intermediate Investigative Interviewing 4 day workshop

The Intermediate Investigative Interviewing course focuses on providing participants with the key skills required to conduct competent, thorough and legally defensible interviews. The course provides participants with an opportunity to undertake practice witness and subject person interviews under observation. This course is ideal for investigators familiar with Investigative Interviewing wishing to refresh and update their skills in this ever evolving skill set. This is an excellent opportunity to obtain feedback to improve your skills and put what you learn into practice in the workplace.

4 day program content

In addition to covering content from the 2 day program, participants of the Intermediate program will also receive tuition on:

  • Investigative interviews of witnesses and suspects/respondents
  • Understanding the difference between an investigative interview and interviewing using and addressing behavioural characteristics
  • The importance of the evidence matrix and interviewing about the elements of the offence
  • Investigative interview guidelines
  • The role of bias in the conduct of an interview (conformational bias)
  • The role of language in an interview
  • Use of empathy and communication skills to build rapport in complex interviews
  • Questioning techniques
  • Witness management
  • Note taking by the interviewer and techniques
  • The preparation and use of exhibits in the conduct of the interview
  • Conducting interviews when using coercive powers (compellability and the principle of self-incrimination)
  • Reducing the risk of the investigation being challenged at a tribunal or court
  • The providing of rights in an investigative interview
  • When to introduce evidence (strategic use of evidence versus tactical use of evidence)
  • Addressing defences in investigative interviews

Advanced Investigative Interviewing 5 day workshop

The Advanced Investigative Interviewing course focuses on providing participants with the key skills required to manage and plan complex interviews.

5 day program content

In addition to covering content from the 4 day program, participants of the Advanced program will also receive tuition on:

  • The role and characteristics of a standard interviewer and an advanced interviewer
  • Standard v complex investigative interviews of witnesses and suspects/respondents
  • Managing other parties (support person and lawyers)
  • Cooperative v uncooperative witnesses and suspects
  • Key and significant and reluctant witnesses
  • Preparing to conduct a complex interview (the importance of an evidence matrix, a detailed interview plan and being organised)
  • The preparation and use of exhibits in the conduct of a complex interview
  • The use of large amounts of exhibits in an interview
  • Interviewing uncooperative witnesses and suspects/respondent
  • Dealing with interviewees, fairly and legally
  • Developing and providing allegations
  • Interviewing a cooperative suspect
  • Active defence techniques

Interview Managers 5 day workshop

The Interview Managers course focuses on providing participants with the key skills required to manage, monitor, review and plan complex interviews. This course will train participants in the roles of interview advisor and interview manager. This course is ideal for experienced interviewers who have undertaken prior interview training and have shown an aptitude for planning and conducting complex interviews.

5 day program content

Participants of the Interview Managers program will receive tuition on:

  • Understand the role of the interview manager
  • Preparing strategies for complex interviews
  • Preparing strategies for multiple interviews
  • How to assess and evaluate relevant material
  • Understand legislation and guidance surrounding interviewing
  • How to make clear decisions
  • How to record rationale
  • Managing the investigation timeline
  • Choosing the best interview teams to match the needs of the interviewee
  • Managing third parties within the interview
  • Managing the decision makers expectations
  • Preparing and delivering briefings
  • Psychology of interviewing (guest psychologist speaker)
  • Debriefing the interview teams
  • Briefing the decision Maker

Our trainers

Introductory and intermediate courses are delivered by Australian based practitioners drawn from senior positions in government investigations and law enforcement.

Advanced courses are delivered by UK based expert practitioners including:

  • Eric Shepherd – the developer of Conversation Management (CM) an ethical, reflective, open-minded approach to investigative interviewing.
  • Ian Hynes – a world-leading expert and an award-winning practitioner of the science of investigative interviewing. Ian was the Interview Manager and Strategic Advisor for Greater Manchester police (GMP) for 12 years until August 2014 when he retired to assume his current position as the CEO of Intersol Ltd.
  • Mick Confrey – the international investigative interviewing practitioner of the year 2014. Mick was the lead, accredited interviewing advisor in the investigation of all types of crime – from the most serious to volume offences – in one of the busiest police forces in the UK. He and his team of interviewers featured in the ground breaking BBC Eyewitness series for Open University. The series is now used across the globe in Psychology and Criminology courses Mick has advised to ensure TV detective programmes are as true to life as possible.

Course Fees

The cost of the introductory 2 day program to small groups in the workplace is $10,000.00 (+gst) for training of up to 16 students. Delivered by Australian based trainers.

The cost of the introductory 2 day program to large groups in the workplace is $645.00 (+gst) per participant. Delivered by Australian based trainers.

The cost of the intermediate 4 day program in the workplace is $20,000.00 for training of up to 16 students. Delivered by Australian based trainers.

The cost of the Advanced 5 day program and Interview Managers program is $30,000.00 for training of up to 16 students. Delivered by UK based trainers.

The costs listed are for training only. GST is applicable to the introductory workshops only. Depending on the location additional costs relating to travel, accommodation, subsistence expenses and venue hire may be incurred by the client. Any additional fees will be disclosed prior to course programming.

For in-house courses a discounted rate is available. The course cost includes a course handbook, certificate of attendance and morning and afternoon refreshments.

Register your interest

The investigative interview training courses can be delivered in house to client agencies or at one of our public courses.

Click on the ‘enrol now’ link to register your interest in one of these courses. Upon enrolment KPS will register your details and confirm your attendance at least six weeks prior to the scheduled course being conducted. Payment will only be required upon confirmation of your attendance.

Public courses are subject to sufficient participation numbers of 10 places per workshop minimum. Minimum numbers are required for training to proceed. If minimum numbers are not met we reserve the right to cancel, postpone or reschedule a course.