Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL)

Recognition of Prior Learning

Recognition of prior learning (RPL) is a process for giving candidates credit for skills and knowledge you may have gained through work experience or life experience.

By applying for RPL, you might be able to gain a qualification, or part of a qualification without further study. The key component of RPL is to provide as much evidence as you can to demonstrate your skills and knowledge.

RPL is much faster than completing a formal training course in the normal way

Although you may have to spend some time gathering the evidence, RPL is much faster than completing a formal training course in the normal way and avoids the frustration of studying again things which you already know well. It is not a shortcut to gaining a qualification but a government endorsed process of ensuring your skills and experience is formally recognised. The qualification you obtain is the same as you would receive if you completed a course of study.



Credit transfer is similar to RPL, but uses previous study (formal learning) instead of learning through life or work experience (informal learning). You may receive credit transfer for professional development completed in your workplace or courses completed overseas.



The RPL assessment process is obligation free, which means we ‘do not charge’ any fees for your application to be assessed. If your RPL assessment is successful you are provided with the opportunity to proceed to the ‘award of qualification/s’ and fees will apply at this stage.



RPL will help transition you skills and knowledge into a nationally recognised qualification. It will save you time in achieving a qualification as you do not have to repeat learning or undertake unnecessary training for skills and knowledge you already have. KPS has streamlined the RPL process to make it as user-friendly as possible.

Your part in the RPL application process is simple, gather the evidence we ask you for and send it to us, and then we do the rest. KPS will work together with the individual to formulate an overall picture of their previous experience and match it to one of our nationally recognised qualifications. A KPS RPL assessor will speak directly with each individual to support them through the RPL assessment process and identify the type of evidence you can use to verify your skills and knowledge.



Gathering evidence is not a hard process and at KPS we utilise a flexible approach to RPL evidence that has moved beyond paper based portfolios. Evidence may include things like:

  • certificates and qualifications from previous study
  • samples, photographs or videos of your work
  • a practical on-the-job assessment
  • a simulation of a work activity
  • letters of validation from your, colleagues, supervisors or clients
  • job descriptions and workplace policies or procedures
  • KPI’s or performance management reports
  • copies of work projects or documents you have completed
  • a portfolio of workplace documents
  • assessment conversations with an RPL assessor either face to face, over the phone or via Skype.
  • anything else you think verifies you experience. The list is endless.