Recognition of Prior Learning

In addition to nationally recognised training qualifications KPS & Associates also offers professional development training programs which can be customised and combined to meet your individual training requirements. Our corporate training courses are based on real world experience and reflect current industry ‘good practice’ and competency requirements.

These courses range from a half day to week long training programs and are available in all major cities and regional centres across the nation as part of our public training calendar or through customised in-house corporate deliveries. Some of the short courses can be tailored to include units of competency from our nationally accredited qualifications. Contact us for further information on course content and pricing.

Investigation Courses

  • Code of conduct and workplace investigations

Investigative Skills

  • Court protocols and giving evidence
  • Note taking and statement preparation
  • Gathering and managing evidence
  • Major investigation management

Investigative Interviewing Courses

  • Investigative Interviewing of compliant witnesses and subjects
  • Investigative Interviewing of non-compliant witnesses and subjects
  • Investigative Interviewing of vulnerable persons
  • Investigative Interviewing management

Management and Communication Training

  • Effective decision making
  • Tactical communication
  • Interpersonal communication
  • Manage conflict and aggression

Emergency response

  • Responding to emergency incidents
  • Business security response to high risk threats
  • Personal security response to high risk threats

Incident Management

  • Managing emergency incidents
  • Deaths in custody and sudden in custody death syndrome
  • Custody procedures and risk management issues

Detention Management

  • Custody awareness
  • Detainee mental health and welfare
  • Supervision of detainees and persons in care