Terms and Conditions

About KPS

The RTO, KPS & Associates Pty Ltd (referred herein as KPS) is committed to delivering fair, reasonable, ethical and transparent dealings in all of its undertakings including:

  • Client information
  • Confidentiality
  • Complaints and appeals
  • Fee structure
  • Guarantee
  • Corporate policy
  • Training standards
  • Marketing
  • Access and equity
  • WHS / OHS

Enrolment into a Qualification or course with KPS is subject to the terms, conditions and policies outlined in our pre-enrolment information and as detailed below.

KPS is an Equal Opportunity Organisation engaged in the provision of Nationally Recognised Training as an NVR RTO under the Australian Skills Quality Authority (ASQA). KPS policy dictates a strict adherence to relevant State and Federal legislation relating to safety, industrial relations and access and equity. All Nationally Recognised Training courses/qualifications will be delivered in line with the standards set by the Australian Skills Quality Authority and relevant Federal, State, and Territory authorities. All KPS Employees are expected to promote and embrace KPS standards, policies and procedures.

Nature of guarantee

KPS is dedicated to ensure that once learners have started studying their chosen qualification or course, they will be committed to providing the highest quality of training and assessment as outlined to the learner. This Nature of Guarantee applies if KPS becomes insolvent, has a course removed from scope by the regulator, or is otherwise legitimately unable to complete delivery of a course.

Should the above occur and KPS is no longer able to provide the training and assessment services as initially agreed, then KPS will arrange for agreed training and assessment to be completed through another RTO (No Fees will be incurred). Prior to the transfer, learners will be formally notified of the arrangements including any refund of fees that may be applicable.

Contract arrangement

Before you complete and sign the KPS enrolment form, please be sure that you have read these Terms and Conditions along with the KPS learner Handbook and understand the content. If you do not understand anything, it is your responsibility to ask. By completing and submitting the KPS enrolment form, you are acknowledging that you have read the KPS Terms and Conditions and KPS learner Handbook and will abide by the information contained within them.

When a learner accepts a place offered by KPS and the fees are paid, it means a binding contract is created between the learner and KPS, regardless of whether it was a third party paying for the course fees (e.g. employer, partner etc.). Notification of cancellation / withdrawal from Unit/s of Competency or Qualifications must be made in writing to KPS. See Fee Structure and Payment Schedule below for more details regarding KPS cancellation policy.

Conditions of enrolment

When a potential student proceeds with the KPS enrolment process and submits the online form, the initial deposit for their chosen course will be immediately deducted from their nominated card.

This application for enrolment does not guarantee a position in a KPS course and is subject to acceptance by KPS staff. If, for any reason, the potential student is not offered a position in a KPS course, the initial deposit paid upon application will be refunded by KPS in full.

If their application is accepted they must agree to abide by the guidelines of KPS as set out in the student information booklet provided after acceptance. If they elect not to abide by any of these guidelines upon receiving the booklet they can advise KPS in writing of this fact, stating which guideline they will refuse to abide by, and their initial deposit paid upon application will be refunded by KPS in full. KPS agrees to provide access to available enrolment positions for all persons who have the relevant skills, experience and ability to satisfactorily meet enrolment requirements for behaviour, safety, course/qualification pre-requisites, payment of fees, and the observance of KPS policies.

KPS may seek to terminate the enrolment of a learner if they:

  • Are abusive, aggressive, or insulting towards KPS Employees or other learners;
  • Do not comply with the confidentiality rights of other persons;
  • Commit an offence under the law while in the training environment or at a workplace, breach safe work practice, or otherwise act in a manner detrimental to the wellbeing of KPS, other learners or persons, or themselves;
  • Have provided false or misleading information;
  • Have performed acts of plagiarism;
  • Have not accurately or honestly disclosed all information relevant to their enrolment and participation in the training with KPS, including relevant matters relating to health, work history, skills and experience, criminal conviction (where appropriate) etc.;
  • Fail to attend training sessions to a minimum level set for competence;
  • Fail or refuse to undertake assessment activities as required by KPS delivery requirements;
  • Do not comply with proper safety procedures including the wearing of appropriate clothing and PPE for a given workplace when training occurs in an on the job or simulated workplace situation.

NOTE: KPS staff will not accept abuse, raised voices, threats, or aggressive behaviour from learners and should this occur KPS staff will inform the learner in writing that the matter is being referred to the General Manager. Where a learner’s behaviour is in breach of KPS code of conduct, the learner’s enrolment with KPS may be terminated. Where a learner’s enrolment is terminated due to a breach of the code of conduct, there will be no refund.

Where a Qualification or Statement of Attainment has been attained through means including plagiarism, submission of fraudulent documentation or any other non-authentic manner KPS has the right to revoke all relevant certification documentation.

Disciplinary procedures

Where learners are in breach of KPS policy, State or Territory legislation, are disruptive, rude, unsafe, or fail to meet acceptable standards of good behaviour, KPS may take steps to address the situation. Depending on the nature and severity of the problem, KPS may choose to resolve the issue by mediation which will be recorded on the learner files and written copies and outcomes will be supplied to the learner. Where the issue is more serious or is unable to be resolved amicably, KPS may seek to apply sanctions, suspension, or expulsion to the learner or, where relevant, refer the matter to more appropriate authorities or authorised bodies. All such action will be recorded with written outcomes supplied to the learner(s) involved.

Fee structure

All fees will be competitive when compared to others in the marketplace, and may be varied or discounted at the discretion of KPS to assist individuals, secure corporate contracts or to comply with the requirements of Commonwealth or State/territory Government contracts. In programs funded by Government Authorities, client charges will be determined by the terms of the Government Contract.

The cost of a course is dependent upon delivery and assessment methods and a separate guide to these costs may be provided as an attachment to this information or on our website. Qualifications will not be issued until full payment has been made in full.

Fees paid in advance

KPS will ensure that fees paid in advance of course delivery shall be protected and may not be drawn upon until such time as delivery has commenced.

Payment schedule, fees for courses costing over $1,500

Registered Training Organisations (RTOs) are required to adhere to a strict regimen that specifies how they can collect learner fees. These prescribed conditions determine the amounts and frequencies of payment. The approved option KPS has agreed to undertake is:

Face to face and blended courses

  • Stage 1 – At enrolment learner pays deposit of 1/3 total course fee up to a maximum of $1500.
  • Stage 2 – 14 days prior to commencement of the course learner pays further 1/3 of total course fee up to a maximum of $1500.
  • Stage 3 – 1 day prior to commencement of the course learner pays final 1/3 of total course fee up to a maximum of $1500.

For online and self-paced learners

  • Stage 1 – Enrolment learner pays 1/3 deposit of total course fee up to a maximum of $1500.
  • Stage 2 – Two further monthly 1/3 payments up to a maximum of $1500 until the balance of fees are paid or unless another pay as you go option is entered into between KPS and the learner. Once the first payment is processed enrolment is activated and participants will have access to all the learner and assessment materials.

For example, if the cost of the qualification is $1650 then $550 is paid upon enrolment, $550 after the first 30 days (month 1) and then the remaining $550 is paid after the following 30 days (month 2).

KPS can by negotiation with students spread payments over a greater period of time which will reduce the monthly payments. No extra costs are charged for longer payment plans. Qualifications will not be issued until all fees owing are paid in full. KPS endorses this fee payment system as it protects the learner from the possible loss of fees and will encourage sound financial management from RTOs.

For all courses delivered by KPS where the total cost of the course is less than $1500 – payment may be made by payment in full, or an agreed payment plan (1/3 enrolment fee and monthly payment or payment per unit/cluster as per our terms and conditions).

Payment plan

As at 15 December 2011 and in accordance with VET Standards, the option of pay in full for courses is no longer available. KPS offers payment plan options to assist students with the payment of course fees. Students must be aware that they are liable for the fulfilment of their payment plan after the course commencement date regardless of whether they continue their study to completion of their course. This is due to the fact that the online system with all resources for the course is opened to students on the course commencement date. Students electing to participate in payment plans MUST ensure that the funds are available for withdrawal at the nominated deduction dates. Fees may apply for declined payments. In the instance of a declined payment, access to the KPS course management system will be suspended until the outstanding amount is paid. Students may negotiate alternative payment plan options with KPS but approval is subject to the discretion of Management. In the instance of financial difficulty, students should advise KPS immediately to arrange alternative payment options. The payment plan option is provided by KPS for students’ convenience but does not reduce their liability to meet the course fees in full.

Refund and cancellation policy

KPS has a strict refund policy. For face to face and blended programs the refund policy explains that no refund of fees will be made after the course commencement date. For online and self-paced learners the refund policy explains that no refund is available after 7 days of enrolling. In no instance will refunds be payable because the industry provider of the vocational outcome has changed their education entry requirements.

Course cancellation (initiated by learner)

Should a student cancel their enrolment with KPS, the conditions as outlined in the below cancellations and transfers table will apply regarding a refund of fees paid. Notification for cancellation of enrolment in a course with KPS must be given in writing. Contact us via our website or via internal message in the KPS online course management system is acceptable. All requests for cancellation will be processed within four weeks and any resulting refund will be paid within one week of the claim being agreed. KPS reserves the right to offer a refund or proportional refund in circumstances it believes are warranted. See the Cancellations and Transfers Table for details.

Course cancellation (initiated by KPS)

Should a course be cancelled or discontinued by KPS or become unavailable for delivery or assessment by KPS, learners will be entitled to receive a full refund or transfer to another KPS course. In this instance, should the student desire to take an alternative course offered by KPS, the fees paid will be fully transferrable to that course. Where a learner opts to transfer to another course the options as detailed in the Cancellations and Transfers Table will apply. In the event of a course for which the student has sought enrolment being unavailable or no acceptable alternative course is available, all fees paid are fully refundable. KPS will endeavour to notify learners 14 days prior to the scheduled commencement date of any cancellation. KPS will NOT be responsible for any other costs incurred through cancellation or postponement.

IMPORTANT: KPS does not place courses on hold/freeze under any circumstances. Refer to details below regarding extension provisions should the enrolment require further time.

Cancellations and transfer table

Request to Cancel / Withdraw / Transfer – Face to Face learners (Full, Intensive and Blended delivery modes)
NOTE: KPS is required to give 14 days’ notice to venues for any changes in numbers attending or for cancellation of a course, therefore all learners must provide 15 days’ notice prior to course commencement of intention to cancel or transfer course attendance as shown below. No refunds will be given for cancellations or discontinuations after the course commencement date or after exclusion for unsatisfactory attendance or behaviour.

  • No show on first or subsequent days of course, failure to give notice of cancellation, withdrawal or transfer prior to course commencement – No refund available – transfer to another course will be offered.
  • Notice of cancellation, withdrawal or transfer less than fifteen (15) calendar days prior to course commencement – No refund available – transfer to another course will be offered.
  • Provides required notice of desire to cancel, withdraw or transfer course (15 days or more prior to course commencement) – Deposit will be reimbursed in full minus a $100 enrolment administration fee.

Request to Cancel / Withdraw / Transfer – Self-Paced learners
NOTE: for Self-paced learners commencement is established once KPS training management system user and log in issued and enrolment activated.

  • Request to cancel course pre-commencement – Deposit will be reimbursed in full minus a $100 enrolment administration fee.
  • Request to cancel course post-commencement – KPS offers a 7 day cooling off period for distance and online students. If request to cancel course post-commencement is made within cooling off period deposit and fees paid to date will be reimbursed in full minus a $100 enrolment administration fee. Cooling off period is voided if learner and assessment resources are accessed via the training management system prior to the 7 day cooling off period lapsing.
  • Request to upgrade to face to face delivery mode – Difference in course fees payable by learner if applicable.
  • Request to change to lower or higher level qualification – $100 administration fee will be charged to transfer plus any difference in fees payable or refundable.

The $100 enrolment administration fee is non-refundable in any instance. No refunds will be given for cancellations or discontinuations after the 7 day cooling off period or after exclusion for unsatisfactory attendance or behaviour.

Extenuating Circumstances

*Individual cases of extenuating circumstances will be considered on a case by case basis. Extenuating circumstances may include but not be limited to:

  1. Sickness or death in an immediate family;
  2. Individual medical circumstance.

NOTE: A medical certificate or other equivalent documentation must be provided as evidence.

Course change

There are timelines within which students may change their enrolled course to an alternative course with KPS. Except in the instance of KPS cancelling or discontinuing a course, the following policy applies to course changes:

All students with KPS have the option to change their enrolled course to any other course offered by KPS. Any change from a course at one level to a course at a different level or at the same level, can occur without any cost within the first four weeks after the course commencement date. After this time, a $100 transfer fee will be incurred. In addition, further costs may be incurred if the initial program has been studied and resources used. These costs will be calculated on an individual basis but will not exceed the course fees for the new course being transferred into. Management may waive these fees where applicable.

Any course change from a course at one level to a course at a higher level can occur at any time, incurring the costs that are the difference between the original course price and the higher course price.

Course expiry times

Courses offered by KPS are fully flexible with no due dates for assessments. All KPS courses inclusive of Self-Paced, Blended, Part-Time, Intensive and Extended Delivery courses learners are provided with the following timeframes for completion from the date of enrolment.

The total allocated times for completion of KPS courses are as follows:

  • Accredited short program – 12 months
  • Certificate III level – 12 months
  • Certificate IV level – 12 months
  • Diploma level – 24 months

Extensions are available for all KPS courses to a maximum of 3 years from commencement. Once this period is exceeded students will no longer have access to the KPS online course management system and will need to re-enrol in their course if not completed and pay all relevant course fees.

All requests for extensions must be made in writing to KPS.

NOTE: It is the learner’s responsibility to meet their individual course completion deadline and/or make appropriate arrangements. KPS reserves the right to cancel an enrolment without notice (withdraw the learner), if after the extension period has expired, a learner still has not completed and achieved their qualification. If the qualification has partially successfully been completed, a Statement of Attainment will be issued for those units completed and in which the learner has been deemed competent.

Code of practice

Here at KPS we strive to ensure that our standards of quality are in compliance with the VET Quality Framework and Conditions of Registration. The KPS Code of Practice is available via our website and has been developed to provide students and clients with a commitment to the maintenance of high standards in the provision of vocational training and assessment and other client services.


Individual KPS courses may possess pre-requisite requirements in order to directly enter into a course. Information pertaining to individual courses and relevant pre-requisites are detailed in the individual course information pack. Refer to the KPS website for specific individual course details. Participants under the age of 18 can participate in a course where express and written permission from a parent or guardian is supplied and is accepted by the appropriate KPS Employee.

Computer literacy

KPS courses require a basic level of computer literacy. Learners will need to have access to a computer with a word-processor (e.g. Microsoft Word) and access to email and the internet. Learners will need to have a basic proficiency in:

  • Copy and Paste
  • Accessing information stored on websites and from a USB
  • Saving, storing and email documents
  • Researching
  • Working with multiple documents
  • Sending and receiving emails with attachments
  • Understanding and application of Microsoft Word and PowerPoint
  • Specific course requirements as determined by units of Competency

KPS does not provide these resources nor do we supply additional support or training for learners having IT or computer technical difficulties. Please contact a KPS Employee if you are unsure about the computer requirements for a specific course.

NOTE: If you do not possess basic computer skills it is recommended that you enrol in a computer course prior to commencing a course with KPS or enrol in Self-Paced delivery to allow you the opportunity to gain the necessary skills required to simultaneously complete your KPS course at your own pace.

Language, literacy and numeracy

KPS participants will require a basic level of English Language, Literacy and Numeracy (LLN) Skills to successfully participate in KPS courses. It is the learners’ responsibility to disclose and make KPS aware of any information pertaining to their individual learning requirements including LLN levels.

NOTE: If individual learner needs are not identified or disclosed prior to attending a KPS course KPS may not be able to cater adequately for these needs within the designated face to face period without impacting on the needs of other learners or the structure and objectives of the course.

A learner’s Language, Literacy and Numeracy (LLN) skills may be assessed by KPS for the purpose of ascertaining the learner’s likely ability to manage the requirements of the proposed course enrolment. Assessment of these basic skills will be via:

  • Self-assessment questions on the enrolment form or enrolment survey
  • Complete an LLN online assessment
  • Informal assessment of verbal English skills via communications at enrolment time
  • Appraisal of the learner’s enrolment documentation
  • ACSF validated assessment process where further assessment is determined necessary or at the learner’s request.

It is important that you have adequate LLN skills to meet the learning requirements of your program or course. KPS uses online tests provided by the Learning Resources Group to gauge your skills against the Australian Core Skills Framework (ACSF) – which describes individual performance in learning, reading, writing, oral communication and numeracy skills; and the Core Skills for Work Development Framework (CSWDF) – which describes a set of knowledge, understandings and non-technical skills such as problem solving, collaboration, self-management, communication and information technology skills that underpin successful participation in work. The results of this assessment indicate the level of LLN support you may need to complete training and/or assessment with KPS. The assessment is usually completed prior to, or during enrolment for accredited qualification programs.

NOTE: If you have been assessed as having LLN skills below the required level for your selected qualification against each of the Core Skill areas you will need to discuss your options with KPS prior to enrolling. Contact KPS via 1300 001 577 to discuss your individual situation and needs. KPS offers different modes of delivery to account for various skill levels of learners including previous experience and Language Literacy and Numeracy skills and computer literacy.

The various delivery modes include:

  • Self-Paced (no face to face contact however review days and tutorials are available)
  • Part-Time (various options – refer to specific course information pack)
  • Blended (2-5 days of face to face contact)
  • Intensive (5 days of face to face contact)
  • Extended (8-10 days of face to face contact)
  • Workshops (various options – refer to specific course information pack)

Specific details of each delivery mode are detailed in course specific Information Packs and on the KPS website. Regardless of the delivery mode is selected all learners are entitled to 12 months or 24 months depending on the course, to complete the course requirements (for full Qualifications – enrolment in individual Units of Competency will vary per Unit). Extensions are available on request to account for individual needs of learners.

KPS will, where required, advise learners of the most appropriate mode of delivery based on the current level of Language Literacy and Numeracy Skills. Where possible, KPS will provide advice on how learners can acquire the Language Literacy and Numeracy and computer skills required to successfully participate in and complete the course through their chosen method of delivery.

Where individual needs are identified during a face to face component of a course, action can be taken during the delivery of the training course and the assessment process to assist the participant by way of:

  • Discussion between participant and KPS Trainer and Assessor to identify participant’s particular needs;
  • Reasonable adjustment of the training delivery and assessment methods to suit these needs (where able to, in line with course structure and objectives e.g. Intensive delivery courses are not recommended for those requiring assistance with LLN or computer skills);
  • One-on-one support may be provided at mutually convenient time either during and/or post the face to face component of the course, to promote successful learning outcomes;
  • Referral to specialist support person or organisation where required e.g. Adult Literacy class at Adult Community College;
  • Attendance of several face to face course components may be recommended and accommodated by KPS to cater for individual learner needs.

Support and assistance

For the duration of KPS courses, learners will be supported by:

  • Face to face sessions (for workshop, blended, intensive and extended delivery models);
  • Telephone or email support: info@kpstraining.edu.au
  • Periodic Review Days; and
  • Optional one on one Tutorial (additional cost per hour and special conditions apply).

Learners are encouraged to use the support offered by KPS. Learners who are having difficulties in meeting course requirements because of their personal circumstances will be treated with empathy and every endeavour will be made to provide the assistance needed to complete the course. KPS will be flexible in the arrangements for learners with proven genuine needs.

Where it is identified that additional specialist support may be required, KPS will provide guidance to learners in referring them to an appropriate individual and/or organisation that is able to provide the required assistance. Any services required outside of KPS will incur additional fees to the respective individual and/or organisation and will be at the cost of the learner.

Complaints and appeals

KPS takes all complaints, grievances and appeals seriously. As a KPS learner you have the rights to lodge complaints and appeals using KPS Complaints, grievances and appeals process detailed in the Student Handbook. 

Legislative requirements

KPS and its Employees and learners will comply with relevant regulations, legislation, standards and other relevant guidelines including but not limited to:

  • Standards and Conditions of Registration
  • State and Territory legislation pertaining to training
  • Australian, state and territory laws governing:
    • Work health and safety
    • Workplace harassment, victimisation and bullying
    • Anti-discrimination, including equal opportunity and racial vilification
    • Disability discrimination
    • Vocational Education and Training
    • Apprenticeships and traineeships

You may view and download these Acts at the Australasian Legal Information Institute (AustLII: www.austlii.edu.au ) website which provides free online access to Australian Government, State and Territory case law and legislation.


The information provided by KPS was correct at the time of publication but may be subject to change. KPS reserves the right to change course fees, dates, content, allocated Trainers and Assessor or method of delivery at its discretion. KPS reserves the right to video and/or audio record training delivery and assessment sessions for quality assurance purposes and to support learners.


In January 2014, the way in which individual information is handled in Australia changed with the implementation of the new Australian Privacy Principles. KPS is dedicated to ensuring the safe storage of all student, staff and client records. KPS does not disclose participant details to other organisations other than for AVETMISS reporting purposes as required by the National Regulator ASQA. The information collected through the KPS website or the KPS enrolment form is for the purposes of processing enrolments and collecting information for AVETMISS reporting purposes, creating and maintaining learner records, keeping learners informed of upcoming specials and courses and to assist KPS in improving its services.

KPS will not disclose the personal details of its employees / learners / contractors, or associates except as they expressly permit, or if necessary to meet legislative or compliance standards set by regulatory authorities or other persons empowered under the law. Please refer to the KPS Privacy Policy on our website for more information.

KPS student handbook

The KPS Student Handbook contains specific information regarding learner rights and responsibilities and other relevant KPS policies and procedures including Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL), Access and Equity, Complaints and Appeals processes etc. It is each learner’s responsibility to ensure they have read and understood the contents of the KPS learner Handbook prior to completing the KPS enrolment form. If you have not received a copy of the KPS Student Handbook please contact KPS on 1300 001 577.